CEWEP questions WI BAT emissions ‘uncertainty’

Courtesy of ENDS waste&bioenergy (https://www.endswasteandbioenergy.com/)

Energy recovery trade body CEWEP has said emissions measurement uncertainty “needs to be tackled” as the European Union published its Waste Incineration Best Available Techniques (WI BAT) document in its official journal.

The WI BAT was published yesterday after a five-year review process. The document was signed off earlier this summer when member states voted to back it.

CEWEP said it had expected the WI BAT to mention the problems associated with monitoring “very low emission values” of energy-from-waste plants. It said: “When emissions are at such low levels, the uncertainty of the measurement becomes a very important topic.”

“The measurement uncertainty needs to be tackled to avoid monitoring requirements becoming inconsistent with future emission limit values,” according to CEWEP.

However, the trade body, which welcomed the document’s publication overall, said the WI BREF had a “reference” to emission monitoring in chapter seven, which was “a starting point”.

As a result of the publication, within the next four years, the new WI BAT’s conclusions will form the basis for setting environmental permit conditions for all European-based EfW plants.

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