Waste to Energy

Waste is an Expensive Problem

Currently over 80 millions tons of waste is burnt every year in Europe alone due to high landfill costs. These costs are only rising. With the EU pushing to move away from landfills, many Member States are looking for quick fixes and foreseeing large investments into facilities to burn waste. Waste incineration is often presented as a smart way to make our waste problem disappear, and create energy in the process….. but we all need to be wary of the technology that is available today. Poisonous gases are a byproduct of the majority of incineration plants.

Not so with our waste-to-energy technology partners.

The Technology

The technology, developed by our expert engineering partners is derived from an exclusive world-wide commercialisation licence from a leading US University renowned for technology innovation.

It has been successfully tested with a wider variety of feedstocks than any similar technology developed to date, including: manures, sludges, plastics, tyres and refuse derived fuel (RDF). Our units come in sizes from 125KWh to 2MWh and are ideally suited to many waste disposal purposes being efficient, environmentally friendly, as well as, producing high quality syngas for heat and electricity production.

Net Greenhouse Gas Reducer

Our core bio reformer is a fluidized bed gasifier followed by a proprietary gas clean up system that produces a gas with a high methane content suitable for operation in CHP gensets. The system produces both hot water and electricity and emissions are similar to gensets operating on natural gas. Feed stocks with a minimum of 5mj/kg of calorific energy and moisture content less than 20% can be reformed with the system, lending itself to the conversion of refuse derived fuel from municipal sourced waste (MSW). Carbon sequestration technology can be added to reduce carbon emissions to zero if required

Our cyclone incinerators operating at 1200⁰C to 1500⁰C convert problematic waste streams including contaminated waste such as medical into energy and or useful products and even convert liquid waste such as carbon and coal water slurry, Fats oil and greases (FOG) from waste water treatment plants as well as dry waste simultaneously.

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